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Fire show for a wedding destined to become a bright final flash of your celebration and give you and your guests an unforgettable experience.

Choosing a fire show from fire Theatre legends Salamandra you get multiple views, stunning choreography, sumptuous costumes and bright fiery pyrotechnic performance.

We are pleased to offer several programs with nodulectomy and dwarfs, which will turn your celebration into a magnificent tale.

  • The show runs for a children’s party, corporate parties, anniversaries, weddings, city events.


“Night in Madrid” combines the magic of fire and dance, bright pyrotechnic effects and a magical atmosphere of love and romance. We are sensitive to the audience, so our show programs designed to the last detail — from the exquisite makeup artists to the final climax of the performance.

Sophisticated suits, striking for its luxury, flowing cloaks, fairy stilt-walkers and the majestic midget… Primal element of fire in the hands of skilled artists will turn you into a seductive dance, amazing grace. You will plunge into the wonderful world of fairy tales and magic, for a moment witnessing an amazing spectacle.

  • The show is suitable for children’s party, corporate party, anniversary, wedding, city event, new year.
«Elf night»

“Elf night” is an incredibly touching and powerful story, narrated in the language of fire and dance. Fabulous and mystical creatures — elves — will reveal to you the magic of the bewitching night and tell a beautiful love story.

We are sensitive to the audience, so our show programs designed to the last detail — from the exquisite makeup artists to the final climax of our performance. Stunning costumes, incredible atmosphere, a passionate dance of fire and sparkling fireworks extravaganza will blow you away in the whirlpool of delight and magic!

  • The show is suitable for children’s party, corporate party, anniversary, wedding, city events.
Russian fire show

What Russian does not like noisy festivities?

In the program “Russian fire show” we have recreated for you all the traditional attributes of unrestrained and generous smiles festivities. Native Russian scale and luxury are woven into a colorful and loud pyrotechnics and fire show with elements of centuries-old traditions. Ruddy ladies in kokoshniks, clowns and costumed stilt-walkers, fireworks and the atmosphere of Russian folk festivals swirl round the fun and joy of children.

Your heart will beat in unison with us, and the legs themselves will pull you into a dance together with the artists of the Theater of fiery legends Salamandra, because we know how to warm your hearts with zeal, with fervor, in Russian!

  • The show is suitable for children’s party, corporate party, anniversary, city event, wedding.

“Venice” is a fabulous atmosphere of mysticism and magic, breathtaking story that tells the audience about the eternal battle between Good and Evil…

Unique performance in which dance and fire mixed together, makes a show truly great and mesmerizing performance. An endless series of exquisite masks and sumptuous costumes, combined with the enchanting music turns a fire show at a real Venetian carnival to your celebration or wedding. We’ll give you a piece of this magical action, plunging into the atmosphere of the world famous carnival!

  • The show runs for a corporate party, anniversary, wedding, for city events, festival.

Here you will not see the usual clowns, elephants and trapeze artists — one little magical story in which the viewer becomes part of a fantastic event.

Puffs water vapor, like clouds of Dreamland, slightly open the curtain of the magical world and under the soft violet light will start your magical dance of gentle fire. Alluring fairy tale will be a revelation for the audience and give a million of positive emotions!

Circus — ironic fire show with interactive for the guests!

  • The show is suitable for children’s and corporate events, anniversary, wedding.
Pyrotechnic show

Fireworks is an incredible fireworks show, able to decorate any celebration! Organization of fireworks is a difficult and laborious task, and trust it to the best professionals, because the culmination of the celebration must be an enchanting and bright.

We are pleased to offer you:

  • pyrotechnic hearts and customized logos;
  • pyrotechnic letters (letters), numbers and dates;
  • Park pyrotechnics (pyrotechnic turntables, fountains, dynamic shapes);
  • the fire falls (pyrotechnic rain);
  • fog machine (concert flamethrowers);
  • Hollywood trail of sparkling fountains.

Professional pyrotechnics with an official license that will make your holiday not only memorable but also safe for guests.

Fire heart as a gift!

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fire show for wedding!

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Archie / TV presenter, entertainer, Vijay, actor

“…These people are professionals, people who have passion to their work so that they honor to stand on the same site. It gives me great pleasure to offer them to customers with whom I work, because I know that they never let me down. I invite them to star in my videos and recommend them to those people who are shooting their videos. This is the team that truly can be called the best.”

Paul Samohin, Creative Director of the wedding Agency

Wedding Agency “Yagoda” is always sensitive to the contractors with whom they work. Our every event is unique and unique. This sets a high bar for specialists, which we choose. We need to be sure every one of them. Theater of fiery legends “Salamandra” is a unique composition of professionals who know their job and do it flawlessly. Each show is filled with not only pyrotechnics, it’s filled with drama and staging, honed to perfection. This mystery, which captures from the first minute. The space is something unimaginable, mysterious, enigmatic. We, as Agency, always a pleasure to work with such professionals. We are confident that every guest will get great pleasure and unforgettable emotions from the sight. Thank you for the excellent cooperation, as for the fact that You really love what you do!

The Team "Wedding Consult" Agency Of Ksenia Afanasyeva

Fire show “Salamandra” is long loved by our customers. Colorful and unusual costumes, individual program, music under the concept of a program that never repeats itself. The artists are pleased with their professionalism and consistency in the work, various elements and equipment of the fire show at a high level. Guests always watch the show with a sinking heart, and with undisguised delight! Our team itself looks each performance with pleasure. With the state planning Committee Bachurin Alexey and his team have been working for many years and always pleased with the result of their work. The individual coming up with interesting ideas for each event, we can be confident that all our ideas and wishes will be fulfilled 100% and honed to the millimeter. And be sure to bring a lot of pleasant experiences for our newlyweds and guests.

Tatiana Kinder, the organizer of weddings and private parties

For me, working with the boys is a complete delight! Starting from the first meeting to the applause of the guests at the wedding! It’s nice when artists are fully ready to dive into the project with me, and not just “to call and quickly speak”! Theatre Salamandra is a Pro of the highest class! They delve into every detail, practicing hard, carefully select props for their performances. We worked with them on a large project on a complex site and condition specific force majeure! Performance wanted to stop 10 minutes before the release of artists, though of course it was all pre-agreed, signed and verified up to an inch with the administration of the site! Had to suddenly convince the arriving police that the statement is absolutely safe for guests and site! The guys had to show them almost the whole program in the Parking lot of the Villa Rothschild in nice, so they saw this ) In the end the performance was so enchanting that received a standing ovation not only guests, but the cops! Thank you for the opportunity to meet and speak well even in such a nervous situation. Bravo, my dear Salamanders! Looking forward to our new joint projects!

A. Belov / Director and the Director of the Agency "TOBELOVE"

Team “Salamandra” of course, professional guys who love their work. Pleased that in addition to the external beauty of the show resolved all technical problems with platforms and safety. The host is always a headache. I hope in the future you guys will also approach the matter. We will be glad to continue to cooperate with the team.

Anastasia Levitin, Director of the event Agency LEVITINA-EVENT

Whith Alexey Bachurin and his wonderful team Salamandra, I work more than 10 years. Because most in the work I value professionalism, excellence and attention to the details and wishes which often go beyond normal, we have such a profession))) Gorgeous costumes, polished choreography, professional actors — it’s all Theater of fiery legends Salamandra. Always customer-oriented budgets. When a customer says “thank you for the event” — it is always a merit, first of all, the artists who graced the program. Relationship with the team has long been friendly, proud of our friendship and I wish you guys always be at the top and continue to do my job with love, which they always do!

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