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When the sun leaves the sky in the depths of a mysterious garden that works wonders. Accidental guest, the magic ball, the wandering minstrel meets amazing creatures. Virgo-bird, as if woven of magic, can not restrain curiosity and involve the minstrel in the game. But who will win magic or man?

The charm of music and of light, embodied in the luxurious light show will be a real revelation for the audience.


Neon light show “Versailles” is a real holiday with a dizzying atmosphere of sparkling fun, in the same light as sparkling wine. Show program of the Theater of fiery legends Salamandra will allow you to feel like a guest at one of the best points of the era of Marie-Antoinette. A harmonious mix of historical figures and elements of the modern light show will give the audience a delight and a lot of vivid impressions.

Especially for you we have prepared an exciting plot, stunning music and spectacular lighting props. To create an incredible festive atmosphere, we carefully went through each image and detail.

Show program “Versailles” — a bright flash at any event! The best decoration wedding, birthday or corporate event.

Suitable: for corporate events, anniversaries, weddings, city events, festival


Neon show is not a new phenomenon, but unique. Light show “ELEKTRA” from the theater of fire legends Salamandra is able to impress the most sophisticated audience!

A rich program where the fire is replaced by electric and neon special effects. The world of colored streaming rays, fluttering comets, amazing patterns emerging in the hands of artists right out of the air.

Neon show at a wedding from the theater of fiery legends Salamandra gives a vivid swirl of emotions and a sense of mystical ordinances in your celebration!Suitable for: corporate event, anniversary, wedding, city event, festival.


Show “Cinderella” is a fairy — light statement based on the famous fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson. Romantic story of a charming girl and a handsome Prince, spiced with the magic of a fairy Godmother and guile of a wicked stepmother, will be a real revelation.

Bright and dynamic light support takes you to a fantasy world, makes sincerely empathize with the heroes of the story.

An exciting, incredibly beautiful presentation with a happy ending will decorate any event. Give attendees the magic of the fairy world of the show “Cinderella”!

Suitable: for children’s party, anniversary, wedding, themed corporate party.


Stunning extravaganza of light, exciting plot and the magic in every second of the amazing neon show “Eluna”. A mystical legend, brought to vivid reality by a professional special effects, and incredible costumes made by author’s sketches.

Extraordinary light props creates the illusion of real magic and fascinates with its brightness like fire, allowing artists to draw incredible designs in the air. A fantastic world of magical reality, embodied in the magnificent view will be for you a living legend…

Possible addition to the lighting options.

Light show for children's birthday

Have you seen our “Alice”? Bright ironic idea for a kid’s birthday party based on the works of Lewis Carroll will present you with a long known history in a new light — laser beams.

The white rabbit, the mad Hatter, Alice, the Red Queen will guide you through the rabbit hole into the amazing world of miracles and magic. Incredible laser light shows in conjunction with the clubs magic smoke, bright led props, a new generation will create for you the atmosphere of this wonderful holiday. Unforgettable images of your favorite heroes will be remembered by young viewers of colorful costumes and unusual make-up.

Suitable: for children’s and corporate events, anniversary, wedding.


The good old tale of the Nutcracker, soaked in reverent new year mood, revives before the eyes of our viewers. The magic of neon beams, the cozy atmosphere of Christmas eve, heartwarming music on motives of Tchaikovsky and sumptuous costumes create for the viewer a magical world of illusions.

Bright and vibrant light effects, professional led props in the hands of our artists will give you a new look at the familiar from childhood fairy-tale story of the Nutcracker.

Show “the Nutcracker” is a world of amazing adventures and vivid emotions on your holiday!

Suitable: for a corporate holiday, anniversary, wedding.

Russian show

Want new and unusual experiences — treat yourself to an unforgettable dynamic neon show “Russian”. The combination of traditional motifs and bright props, luxurious handmade costumes will give you millions of unforgettable experiences. Professional lasers, smoke machine, UV shading in the magical hands of our masters of special effects will turn into a show for any event — from the first dance of the young to the fashion show!

A full immersion in the atmosphere of Russian celebration with his unique flair and enthusiasm. Ruddy ladies in kokoshniks, clowns, costumed stilt-walkers, fireworks, the atmosphere of Russian folk festivals swirl round the fun and joy of children.

Suitable: for a corporate holiday, anniversary, wedding.

Pixel poi

The latest digital technology in the world event industry!

Pixel poi — unique led technology to project light in the air, inscriptions and images.

The latest led technology every day stronger role in our lives. This fate touched the world of the event industry, transforming into a unique light installations, tech led props that can display any text or imagein the hands of artists (Pixel Poi), and many other multimedia possibilities.

Now branding is available on any format of the event a few moments and your brand name, slogan or monogram become a part of the show.

We can project any image, caption or photograph. High quality props allows us to transmit the image as clearly and contrast, making it visible even in daylight.

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Archie / TV presenter, entertainer, Vijay, actor

“…These people are professionals, people who have passion to their work so that they honor to stand on the same site. It gives me great pleasure to offer them to customers with whom I work, because I know that they never let me down. I invite them to star in my videos and recommend them to those people who are shooting their videos. This is the team that truly can be called the best.”

Paul Samohin, Creative Director of the wedding Agency

Wedding Agency “Yagoda” is always sensitive to the contractors with whom they work. Our every event is unique and unique. This sets a high bar for specialists, which we choose. We need to be sure every one of them. Theater of fiery legends “Salamandra” is a unique composition of professionals who know their job and do it flawlessly. Each show is filled with not only pyrotechnics, it’s filled with drama and staging, honed to perfection. This mystery, which captures from the first minute. The space is something unimaginable, mysterious, enigmatic. We, as Agency, always a pleasure to work with such professionals. We are confident that every guest will get great pleasure and unforgettable emotions from the sight. Thank you for the excellent cooperation, as for the fact that You really love what you do!

The Team "Wedding Consult" Agency Of Ksenia Afanasyeva

Fire show “Salamandra” is long loved by our customers. Colorful and unusual costumes, individual program, music under the concept of a program that never repeats itself. The artists are pleased with their professionalism and consistency in the work, various elements and equipment of the fire show at a high level. Guests always watch the show with a sinking heart, and with undisguised delight! Our team itself looks each performance with pleasure. With the state planning Committee Bachurin Alexey and his team have been working for many years and always pleased with the result of their work. The individual coming up with interesting ideas for each event, we can be confident that all our ideas and wishes will be fulfilled 100% and honed to the millimeter. And be sure to bring a lot of pleasant experiences for our newlyweds and guests.

Tatiana Kinder, the organizer of weddings and private parties

For me, working with the boys is a complete delight! Starting from the first meeting to the applause of the guests at the wedding! It’s nice when artists are fully ready to dive into the project with me, and not just “to call and quickly speak”! Theatre Salamandra is a Pro of the highest class! They delve into every detail, practicing hard, carefully select props for their performances. We worked with them on a large project on a complex site and condition specific force majeure! Performance wanted to stop 10 minutes before the release of artists, though of course it was all pre-agreed, signed and verified up to an inch with the administration of the site! Had to suddenly convince the arriving police that the statement is absolutely safe for guests and site! The guys had to show them almost the whole program in the Parking lot of the Villa Rothschild in nice, so they saw this ) In the end the performance was so enchanting that received a standing ovation not only guests, but the cops! Thank you for the opportunity to meet and speak well even in such a nervous situation. Bravo, my dear Salamanders! Looking forward to our new joint projects!

A. Belov / Director and the Director of the Agency "TOBELOVE"

Team “Salamandra” of course, professional guys who love their work. Pleased that in addition to the external beauty of the show resolved all technical problems with platforms and safety. The host is always a headache. I hope in the future you guys will also approach the matter. We will be glad to continue to cooperate with the team.

Anastasia Levitin, Director of the event Agency LEVITINA-EVENT

Whith Alexey Bachurin and his wonderful team Salamandra, I work more than 10 years. Because most in the work I value professionalism, excellence and attention to the details and wishes which often go beyond normal, we have such a profession))) Gorgeous costumes, polished choreography, professional actors — it’s all Theater of fiery legends Salamandra. Always customer-oriented budgets. When a customer says “thank you for the event” — it is always a merit, first of all, the artists who graced the program. Relationship with the team has long been friendly, proud of our friendship and I wish you guys always be at the top and continue to do my job with love, which they always do!

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