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Pyrotechnic show

Fireworks, it’s an incredible pyrotechnic show, able to decorate any celebration! Organization of fireworks – a difficult and laborious task, and to entrust the organization of fireworks show the best professionals in the business. After all, the culmination of Your celebration needs to be truly enchanting and colorful.

To do this, in the Arsenal of our Theatre has:

  • Pyrotechnic hearts and customized logos
  • Pyrotechnic letters (letters), numbers, and dates
  • Park pyrotechnics (pyrotechnic turntables, fountains, dynamic shapes)
  • The fire falls (pyrotechnic rain)
  • Fog machine (concert flamethrowers)
  • Hollywood trail of sparkling fountains

Professional pyrotechnics with an official license that will make your holiday not only memorable but also safe for your guests.

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