Theater of fiery legends Salamandra event exists on the market for over 12 years and during that time has earned its status — the incredible show programs with the most exclusive suits.

We make a fire and light show programs organized by the unusual rouse with interactivity within drama performances, and work with exclusive productions. Our theatre employs professional artists with extensive experience.

We have had many tours and performances in various parts of the world.

Artistic Director and founder of the project — Alexey Bachurin. Theatre Salamandra as an independent project was founded in 2006. In 2007 officially registered trademark has become the official logo of the creative team.

Theater of fiery legends Salamandra as an independent project was the result of the creative Union of several artists working in the genre of street performance, joint leader of the team A. state planning Committee Bachurin. The impetus for the project was the idea of recreating the atmosphere of the Venetian carnival with its special characteristics and dramatized. Thus appeared the first fire show (fire show) Salamandra. Further repertoire is constantly changing, but it never lost its “brand” pageant style. Theater of fiery legends Salamandra was the product of a popular street subculture of people who grew up in a professional creative team. Some artists who stood at the origins of the project, further organized his own creative projects.


Most performances take place in public space, as the use of fire and pyrotechnic props requires compliance with fire safety standards. However, some shows from the repertoire of the theatre Salamandra conducted on the premises and on the specially equipped venues, where the fire props (staff, POI, fans, staves, cups) is replaced with the led props, professional laser systems and fluorescent costumes artists. In performances of theatre Salamandra connects choreography, theatrical production and technology rotation and juggling fire and pyrotechnic props. Sometimes the performance is complemented by professional stage special effects ( led the fill light and heavy smoke, laser show). Plot the show programs are usually of a mystical or fantasy nature and are accompanied by a composite phonograms. Classical themes used in the productions of the Theater of fiery legends Salamandra, are the confrontation between good and evil and stories about love triangles, the end of the show, as a rule, is positive.

Fire performances take place on three different levels: stilt-walkers with fire props in the hands of the artists with the most common fire props (fans, POI, poles, doubles, etc.) and actors of small stature with a fiery bowls in his hands. If you change fiery pyrotechnic props on a balance level.


The main feature of the Theater of fiery legends Salamandra are the costumes of the artists. Most of them are created in a single copy, and are the fruits of cooperation with the Russian designers and artists ( InnaBodrovaLab., Elizarte (Kristina Elizarova), etc.). Fluorescent costumes Theater of fiery legends Salamandra painted in the technique of airbrushing winners of international festivals of body art. Unusual are hats and the mystical characters portrayed by actors on stilts, they created sketches of team leader A. Bachurina.


Actors Theater of fiery legends Salamandra is a professional cinema and theatre actors, choreographers and professional dancers, circus artists and various art groups, masters of street performances and free self-taught craftsmen, skilled rotation of fire props. Team leader A. Bachurin does not limit the creative freedom of his players, believing that “the possibility of combining different types of creativity allows the artists to fulfill themselves and to bring more emotion into their work, and this is very important for the team speaking to different audiences”.

At the moment the staff of the theater of fiery legends will include about thirty artists who constantly perform in the troupe of the theatre.

Awards and honors

Theater of fiery legends Salamandra under the direction of Alexei Bachurin:

  • In 2007, the Theater of fiery legends Salamandra presented his own fire show on the carnival of Venice
  • In 2012, the Theater of fiery legends Salamandra in the team master and body art artist Kristina Elizarova attended the World Bodypainting Festival, 2012 in Austria in Klagenfurt. The result of this creative Union began the awards in various categories WBF and first place in the nomination World Fluoro Award 2012 and award for the best florovka show in the category Best Show UV.
  • In 2012, the Theater of fiery legends Salamandra took part in the opening of the Winter sports in the city of Murmansk
  • In 2013, the Theater of fiery legends Salamandra took part in the opening of the Polar Olympics 2013
  • In 2014, the Theater of fiery legends Salamandra took part in the Spring culture festival, circus and street art Souq Waqif in the Qatari capital (Doha)
  • In 2016-2017 Participants of the ethno festival “the Soul of the Tundra” in Salekhard
  • In 2018, became the headliners of the festival of Slavic culture and art “Bereginya of Ramen”
  • C 2007, 2019 the participants of the numerous events from charity funds “Welcome to unite the world”, “Peace and love”, the Union of Orthodox families “Family hearth”

Press about us

Профессиональные актёры кино и театра
с опытом огненных представлений более 11 лет


  • Dancer, persica, clown
  • “I Love my job for creative fulfillment and a flexible schedule”
  • Favourite in the repertory of Venice, Russian, Elvish night, circus, Cinderella, the Nutcracker

Alexey Bachurin

  • Founder and inspirer of the team, artist, face of the company.
  • “Salamandra Theatre of fire legends is my way of showing the world how I see it. To remind the viewer that among the gray everyday life there is still magic…”
  • Salamandra Theatre is a painstaking work of artists, long hours of rehearsals, endless and continuous creative search and all for the sake of a few sparkling minutes on stage. And, of course, for the sake of delight in the eyes of the audience!

Glukhova, Natalia

  • project Administrator
  • “I Love my work for the magic that we generate and for the opportunity to solve non-standard tasks every day”
  • Knowing how much work, effort and rehearsals are behind each show – I can not single out one favorite, they are all beautiful!

Julia Sukhova

  • Dancer, firewoman, model.
  • “I Love my work, as it is not a work, but a fairy tale in the literal sense of the word”
  • Favorite program in the repertoire of the Theater – everything, I love the whole repertoire of the Theater

Ksenia Kostina

  • Stilter, dancer, fireman, choreographer. 
  • “I Love the combination of fire and height. I like to perform to good music”
  • my Favorite program in the repertoire of the Theater is Venice, of course.

Maria Dorofeeva

  • Dancer, actress, teacher – choreographer.
  • “I Love my work for adrenaline and good mood”
  • my Favorite program in the repertoire of the Theater – Venice, Russian show

Anastasia Sazonova

  • Stilt < /li>
  • “I Love interesting performances, cool images, team and tours”
  • Favorite program in the repertoire of the Theater – Russian show, Madrid

Paulie Arabella

  • Dancer, firewoman, choreographer, stilt-maker, animator, clown.
  • “I Love my job because I invented and created it for myself. In each of the productions there is a part of me, so the repertoire of the theater is my flesh and blood.”

Rafael Garayev

  • Stilt, fireman
  • “On stage I can be different and the audience accepts it, because we both understand that this is a game”
  • Favorite program in the repertoire of the Theater – my favorite Venice – with this program I have the most vivid impressions that I often remember.  

Nina Hakimova

  • Dancer, fire-fighter
  • “I Love my work for creativity and team unity”
  • Favorite program in the repertoire of the Theater – Venice, Russian show, Versailles


  • artist of The original genre, MIME
  • “Artist is a vocation”
  • Favorite program in the repertoire of the Theater – the Nutcracker, Venice and I love to meet guests at Welcome ))

Mr. Pliskin.

  • Director, actor
  • “Just love my job”
  • Favorite program in the repertoire of the Theater – the one that has not yet put.

Alena Zubin

  • Dancer, firewoman
  • “Why do I love my work? I always liked being on stage!”
  • Favorite program in the repertoire – Elven night, Versailles, Venice

Tokarev Igor


I like working at the Salamandra theatre because this is where I can transform into unusual characters.

Favourite programme in the theatre’s repertoire – Elven night, Venice

Kalinnikova Elizabeth

Dancer, fireman

“I Never wanted to “sit in the office”. I love to transform and live the “life” of each character”

Favorite program in the repertoire of the Theater – Elven night

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